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VA Loan – guaranteed by the US department of veterans

February 6, 2012

What is a VA Loan?

· A loan guaranteed by the US department of Veterans Affairs
· Designed to provide housing assistance for veterans and their families
· There are over 29 million American veterans and service personnel who are eligible for VA loans
· Eligible if she or he has served on activity duty and was discharged under conditions other then dishonorable
· 2 year service requirement
            o Continuous months
            o Or 90 days during war time
· Unmarried surviving spouse of veteran who died during duty
· Must provide a certificate of eligibility from department of veteran affairs which can be ordered online
· Can only have one VA loan at a time but you can have one VA and one FHA at a time, so 2 government loans (only one of each is allowed)
·Max guaranty amount loans over $144,000 is 25% of VA Countylimit

· All applicants need:

o   To complete a full mortgage loan application on the form 1003 (Uniform Residential Loan Application)
o Residence address for past 2 years
o Names and address for employers for past 2 years with gross monthly salary
o Names address and account numbers to checking and savings
o Names addresses and account numbers to monthly payments on all open loans
o Address and loan information for other owned real estate
o  DD214 – Certificate of eligibility –
o W2s for past 2 years and current check stubs
o Tax returns for past 2 years


OR CALL 1 800-385-3657

First, Complete out a loan application on our website -Go to
-Click on Apply Now at the top
-Scroll to the middle of the page and Click on 3. Full Application

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