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Home Equity Loans pros and cons

June 1, 2012

Because of the home equity loans, house loans have become popular among the borrowers. It is an easy and secured loan and it possesses all important functions of a great home loan. No wonder why more and more people are opting for these home equity loans. But are they all good? They are, but not all the time. Just like everything else, home equity loans have had their advantages and disadvantages and that’s what we will be discussing in this article.

It would be better to evaluate it before you use it to loan. By doing so, you will be more aware about it and you will have a little confidence that what you will do is a right thing and something you will not regret. To begin, you must understand the rule of opting home equity loan. Do you know that it is very similar to a home mortgage? In a home mortgage, the borrower or the person who made a mortgage loan had his home financed by the bank (with some amount) and then, he pays a monthly mortgage payment which is fixed.

The following are few of the advantages of home equity loans:

1. As I said earlier in this article, home equity loan is an easy and secured loan; it possesses all important functions of a great and secured loan. And for people who have tried it say that they preferred it the most than other programs as it is a hassle-free loan.

2. When compared to other loan programs, its interest rate is lower.

3. It is organized. This means that there’s a set or particular date where a borrower could refund.

4. The tax is charged or taken from the equity value of the home.

5. It is very easy to apply and easy get approval.

The following are few of its disadvantages:

The biggest disadvantage of this kind of loan program is that the person who availed or loaned will need to leave his home once the loan is not refunded on time, as simple as that. The person who availed will only be able to keep his home as a security with the loan provider. In cases that he failed to refund, it can lead to a foreclosure and that’s the last thing that he needs. But if you think that you can do the refund on time, home equity loans could just be the right way for you to have your own home.



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