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Do it with Conviction, Commitment and an Infectious Enthusiasm! Forum III – 11 Chapter Mega Forum

June 22, 2012


Andrew Ojeisekhoba – President & CEO – Forum III – June 20, 2012

Just this last week the leaders and realtors of Platinum joined hundreds of others at the Forum III – 11 Chapter Mega Forum, organized by The Women’s Council of Realtors. We were astonished by the amount of realtors that attended and were deeply impressed with the amount of education and networking this forum holds. Not only did we make new friends, and possible future colleagues. We walked away from this forum with new knowledge, about our industry and community.

The Womans Council for Realtors is an amazing organization. Bringing women together through their influence they affect positive change in our profession and in the broader community. Here at Platinum we strongly agree with the Women’s Councils value’s and would like to share them with you.

  • The Power of Relationships—Success in business today is achieved through positive, productive relationships. The Women’s Council of REALTORS® provides an environment of collaboration in which members can form, build and maximize relationships for business and personal success. When members share their time, talent and experience, the entire industry is advanced.
  • Leadership—To continue to grow and be successful, every business, industry and community must have leaders who can see change that is needed, organize resources, and engage the hearts and minds of those around them. Through the Women’s Council of REALTORS®, members develop and apply new-found leadership skills and qualities across all areas of their personal and professional lives.
  • Professional Credibility—Members of the Women’s Council of REALTORS® are career professionals. We operate based on a shared value system of integrity, respect, consistency and a commitment to excellence and continuous development.
  • Diversity—The Council member network is enriched through the celebration of and active outreach to the full diversity of our industry. At the same time, the strength of the organization lies in what unites us all – our shared values.
  • Involvement—Active participation increases membership value. Participation in the Women’s Council of REALTORS® is the opportunity to contribute to change, and to be changed, personally and professionally.
  • Success—Success in business brings credibility, influence and greater opportunity. Wealth creation through business success also leads to long-term financial security, greater independence, and more quality of life choices.
  • Influence—Positive change will come from the greater inclusion of women’s perspectives in positions of influence in the real estate industry and in the broader community.

Platinum Mortgage Company would like to thank The Woman’s Council of realtors and everyone who attended the forum. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, hearing your goals, and aspiring us to reach even higher through networking and professionalism.


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