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Hard Money Loans Available Today!

July 25, 2012

Platinum Mortgage Company is currently providing private money lending for Hard Money Loans. We have built our ability to provide fast financing solutions for borrowers who are in need of innovative, fast, creative financing solutions. As Hard Money Loan Brokers, we are able to provide a fast decision on your loan application, which allows you to get your loans closed and funded quickly.

Lending 60%-65% LTV based on market value not the purchase price.

When buying a property under market value it’s possible to put as low as 10% – 20% down to qualify for the loan. 

Purchase Price 300K Value 400K
Hard Money Loan 400K X 60% (LTV) = 240K 20% Down Payment
400K X 65% (LTV) = 260K 14% Down Payment

Purchase Price 220K  Value 300K
Hard Money Loan 300K X 60% = 180K 18% Down Payment
300K X 65% = 195K 12% Down Payment

Purchase Price 700K Value 850K
Hard Money Loan 850K X 60% = 510K 27% Down Payment
850K X 65% = 552K 21% Down Payment

Contact us Today if you are interested or have any questions about Hard Money Loans!

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