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93.5 KDAY August Community Show

August 23, 2012

Platinum’s President Andrew and Vice President Anna are back on KDAY’s Community Show to discuss whats taking you all so long to buy homes of your own! CLASS1C and Tre host the KDAY community show every Sunday morning, talking about what is happening in the Greater Los Angeles community. Touching on issues and topics for you by interviewing celebrities, artists, professional athletes, public service workers, and the everyday people who are actively involved in the LA and OC communities. Andrew and Anna talked to us about how to began the home purchasing process, and how to understand our credit. This show is a must listen! Packed full of information on our loan programs and the process for getting your mortgage loan approved!

Click the link below to listen to the community show –


Here at Platinum we specialize in helping you become financially stable. We will work with you and your credit to get you into a home you want, with a loan that suites you and your family. Contact us TODAY!

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