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When you Need Help to get a Mortgage, PMC Can Help! By Alan Mendelson

November 2, 2012

Because of the real estate collapse, and the recession, and the continuing economic slowdown, it is estimated that 65% of potential homebuyers have some sort of credit problems.  And if you have a credit problem — perhaps from a bankruptcy, a short-sale of your last home, or even a foreclosure — then platinum Mortgage Company says it can help you get a mortgage and get back into being a homeowner.

Platinum Mortgage Company is a mortgage broker and as a broker it can shop more than fifty different mortgage money lenders to find its clients the best mortgage.  Some mortgage lenders now have special plans to help those who had a bankruptcy recently, or had a foreclosure or a short sale.  And then there are mortgage lenders that can help young college graduates who don’t have several years of work experience to buy their first home.

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If you are currently in need of a loan, we have the educated staff you need to see you through the loan processIf we can’t get you a loan, No one can!  Fill out an application online today and put yourself one step closer to owning a home!

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