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Homeowners Insurance

November 26, 2012

Homeowners’ insurance is a necessity, something every property should have. If you have a mortgage, your lender will require coverage and if your home is mortgage-free than you should have coverage anyway. Not all insurance coverage is alike. Policies and protections differ, and so do costs. In essence, you want the most protection for the least number of dollars. Here are some great informational articles PMC believes Can Help You! 

Vital insurance questions answered

Insurance can be complicated and confusing. This guide answers 15 crucial questions about the types of coverage you need.

10 things that can lower or raise your homeowners insurance rates

Insurance companies get more skittish by the year, and they’re dropping homeowners. Don’t buy a home only to discover that some old leaky pipe may make your place too costly to insure.

7 freaky home threats: Are you covered?

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t think about your property insurance very often. It’s common to enjoy the security of knowing your insurance company has you covered.

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