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Homeownership: a Good Financial Decision?

February 18, 2013

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1.Renting is not an investment

When you buy your own home you are not taking available dollars away from another investment. You are replacing rent, which has no potential for a return on investment with a mortgage payment that does give you an opportunity for a return. Sometimes renting forever can be less expensive than owning. However, research shows that if you invest the entire difference between the rent payment and mortgage payment you will do better financially.

2.homeownership savings

Paying a mortgage creates what financial experts call ‘forced savings’.

3.Tax Advantages for Investing in a Home

There is no question that selling an investment is easier than selling your home. However, this liquidity comes at a price, called capital gains. This is the tax you pay on any financial gain you receive from the investment. This tax doesn’t apply the same way when you sell your primary residence.


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