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Make the Career Change You Deserve!

April 5, 2013

PMC Flyer 2013 - Simone Pope


You are already good at what you do, but why stop there? PMC can help you make this year your best ever. Because, working for us will also make you, the best you can be.

It’s time to become a part of our drive for excellence!

Platinum Mortgage Company: A honest mortgage company run by mortgage professionals, with a vigorous service oriented culture.

PMC is California’s premier mortgage broker: Our broker platform provides direct access to a wide array of real estate financing programs. Well known and respected, Platinum mortgage company has continued to better itself year after year.

  • Our process is very simple, direct, fast and user friendly for both the Agent and the borrower.
  • With over 50 loan programs that are growing in number every day. We strive to have a wide amount of loan scenarios perfect for our diverse array of borrowers.
  • Platinum is determined to help the average american succeed the dream of home ownership.

More Reasons to do business with PMC: We’re proud to offer our employees a creative environment with innovative tools, exceptional training, and new opportunities to excel and grow.

  • Platinum provides our Loan Officers with the full support they need – from winning business to closing loans to staying in touch with clients after closing as a source of future business.
  • We lend responsibly, and we’re working constantly to find opportunities to better serve our customers, our shareholders and the communities in which we work.

Feel the power of success.  Apply to Platinum Today

With Platinum Mortgage you’ll enjoy competitive pay, benefits and rewards. With 24 years of experience, a solid reputation and a loyal customer base, we provide you with endless opportunity to develop your career. Our open and collaborative environment lets you grow both personally and professionally.

To be reviewed for hire by our team: Visit our website at and submit your resume and application to us!

Dare to be stronger. Succeed your dreams!

You’ve weathered good times and bad. If you’re ready to use that hard-earned experience to seriously grow your business, let us show you how PMC can help you become a driving force behind your success.

Call or email a Platinum Representative for further inquiries.


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