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May 6, 2013

  • Know the difference between your wants and your needs and keep track of the homes you see that come closest to meeting your needs.
  • Ask your real estate agent to narrow your search by emailing you MLS listings with photos ahead of time.
  • Know if it is for sale by owner, a regular sale, if the agent is acting as a dual agent, if it is a foreclosure or short sale.
  • Ask if there is any seller credit towards closing costs and pre-paids (up to 6%)
  • Concentrate on a few neighborhoods. Decide what’s most important to you about the neighborhood you want. This can greatly narrow down your search.
  • It is always best to make sure there is a grocery store, gas station and school close by to add value to the home and in the future could make it easier to rent out.
  • Bring a spouse, family member, or friend for another opinion.
  • Stick to your monthly housing budget and make sure to ask if there are any HOA dues.
  • Consider commuting time and gas & auto maintenance costs.
  • Can you afford the renovations and maintenance that you may need to do?
  • Don’t make a “spur-of-the-moment” decision.
  • Take pictures inside and outside the home to remember the pros & cons of each home.
  • Compare homes – Make sure you know what you would get and what you would miss in each house before you make a decision.

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