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Why Go FHA?

April 30, 2014


Top Reasons to go FHA

  • FHA – 580+ FICO for PURCH/R&T/CashOut including Flips & High Balance!
  • FHA – Repair Escrows / Escrow Holdbacks OK!
  • FHA – 203k Full & Streamline w/ 580 FICO!
  • FHA – HUD REO $100 Down Homes OK!
  • FHA – MFG HOMES OK – 580+ FICO – 620+ for Singlewide Homes
  • FHA – No LTV Caps!
  • FHA – YSP Credit UNLIMITED!!!
  • FHA- No DTI CAP – Follow AUS Findings!!!
  • FHA- No Minimum Credit History or Trades with AUS Approval!
  • FHA – No Verification of Rent Unless Required by DU Findings!
  • FHA – Transfer appraisals from ANY lender/AMC OK!
  • FHA – Borrowers with 1 FICO score OK!
  • FHA – Collections – HUD Guides Apply – Medical & Charge Offs Ignored!
  • FHA- Mortgage Lates OK if AUS Approved!!!
  • FHA – Non-Occupant co-signers – NO MINIMUM FICO!
  • FHA – ESCROW STATE – Non Purchasing Spouse derogs ignored – only affects DTI
  • FHA – Borrower w/ Work Permits, Non-Resident Alien OK!
  • FHA – 1 Day off Market for Cashout Refi! – Must be removed off market.
  • FHA- Rental Income on 2-4 Units OK for First Time Home Buyer!!
  • FHA – Streamline – 580 Score for Conforming & JUMBO! No Appraisal, No Income, No Credit Qualifying!!!
  • FHA – Streamline – Max 1×30 in past 12 mos – Cannot be late within past 90 Days!
  • FHA – Streamline – Investment and 2nd Homes OK!
  • FHA – Streamline NO SCORE – Ignore other property

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