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Can I Buy A Home Using an Alt-A Bank Statement Program?

December 29, 2014

Are you self-employed and write everything off or if you are self-employed and pay yourself at random?  Or are you a W2 wage earner and write off 2106 expenses?  If so, your debt to income ratio may be too high for standard financing.  There are Alt-A bank statement and financial statement programs available.

PMC Alta-A 12 mths Bank Statement Loans 2015_1PMC Alta-A 12 mths Bank Statement Loans 2015_2PMC Alta-A 12 mths Bank Statement Loans 2015_3

To qualify, the deposits are added up and then divided by 12 months.  If you are using a personal bank statement, then the lender will allow us to use 100% of your income.  If you are using a business bank statement then only 50% of the deposits will be used.  This is not a regular conforming Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan.  This is a Non-QM loan product.  That means the interest rate is going to be higher than a conforming loan but less than a hard money loan.  Tax returns are not required to be submitted.  Normally a YTD profit and loss signed by the borrower will be required to show that the income is consistent and not declining. If self-employed, lenders usually require 2 years business licenses, active licensed CPA letter if self-employed.  The lender may require the business be listed online and if not a business card to validate the business. Some people are paid as an independent contractor (1099), but are not owners of a business. Exceptions may be made for the listing or business card guideline.  A 4506T form will be required for the file at the final signing, but will no be used for the basis of the approval.

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