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Platinum Mortgage Company is Your Conventional and Unconventional Home Loan Resource

July 1, 2015

Turned Down by the Big Banks? 

PMC Can Help!


Platinum Mortgage Company is now also servicing Washington State. 


  • 620 FICO to 95% LTV (90% LTV on high balance)
  • LP Accept to 50% Debt to Income Ratio for Purchase/Rate&Term or 45% Cash Out
  • DU up to 50% Purchas/Rate&Term or 45% Cash Out
  • LP – blended ratios, up to 75% LTV C/O on high balance, and 1 year tax returns
  • Transferred appraisals OK (ask about requirements)
  • W2 only transcripts for wage earners
  • Use rental income w/o prior landlord experience
  • LP – can use 100% of balance as reserves (stocks, bonds, and mutual funds)
  • LP – non-occupant co-borrower for purchases allowed
  • 5-10 financed properties
  • Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance
  • Preferred pricing for 740+ mid score borrowers
  • 95% condo financing
  • Cash  Out Refi up to 80% LTV
  • 1-4 Unit, Condo, PUD and manufactured homes


  • 580 min FICO for conforming and high balance loan amounts
  • 550 min FICO up to 90% LTV
  • DTI up to 56.99% (per DU)
  • No min trade line requirements
  • Gift funds allowed
  • Blended ratios w/ non-occupant co-borrowers
  • No seasoning on short sales w/ no mortgage lates
  • Manual underwrites allowed
  • Recent college grades can use last 30 days base salary to qualify
  • Student loan payments may be omitted or reduced to meet debt ratio requirements
  • Cash Out Refi to 85% LTV
  • Non-Arm Length Transactions up to 85% LTV
  • 1-4 Unit, Condo, PUD and manufactured homes


  • 550 min FICO for conforming and high balance loan amounts up to 100% for purchase or rate and term
  • 620+ FICO for 100% Cash Out / 550-619 FICO up to 90% LTV
  • IRRRLs to 125% (600 FICO conforming and 640 high balance)
  • IRRRLs – no income required and no assets (as long as none are required to close)
  • $1,094,625 max loan amount
  • AVM required for IRRRLs
  • Manual underwrites allowed
  • 1-4 Unit, Condo, PUD and manufactured homes


  • 100% LTV with low monthly PMI
  • Unlimited CLTV for purchase and refinance transactions
  • 550 min FICO
  • Manual underwrites allowed
  • AUS approval through GUS
  • 1-4 Unit, Condo, PUD and manufactured homes


  • Loans up to $3 mm
  • C/O refi to $3 mm
  • Gift funds allowed
  • Multiple financed properties allowed
  • 85% LTV w/ no MI to $2 mm, 30 year fixed
  • $1 mm C/O
  • 89.9% LTV w/ no MI to $1.5 mm, 5/1 ARM

Some of Our Loan Programs: 

Conventional Loans – Up to 46.99/56.99% DTI, Conventional – Up to 97% & No MI Loans, Jumbo Loans – Up to 90% LTV, Up To $3M & No MI,  Jumbo Loans – Up to 80% LTV, Up to $5M, FHA Loans – Only 0.5% Down w/ 580+ FICO, FHA – As Low As 500 FICO w/ 10% Down, FHA 203K – $35k in Repairs w/ 3.5% down, FHA 203K Full – Unlimited Repairs w/ 3.5% Down, FHA Apartment Financing (Profit & Non-Profit), FHA Streamline Refinance – No Income & No Appraisal Lite Doc – Up to 80% LTV Owner Occupied,  Non Prime Financing – 500+ FICO, 1 day out of Fore/SS/BK,  Bank Statement Program – Personal or Business, Financial Statement Program – Self Employed 2 yrs+, Foreign National Loans – Up to 65% LTV FNMA Refi + (HARP) – Unlimited LTV Owner Occ , Freddie Refi + (HARP) – Unlimited LTV Owner Occ VA Loan – No Money Down & No MI VA Loan – 500+ FICO, No Seasoning to 100% Cash Out, VA IRRRL Refinance – No Income & No Appraisal, USDA – 580+ FICO up to 102% LTV, Portfolio – Up to $5 mill (ARMS), Portfolio – Unlimited Financed Properties, Portfolio – Departing Home Proposed Rent Allowed, Commercial Loans – Up to $50 Million, Manufactured Housing Loans – FHA & Conv Reverse Mortgage – Purchase or Refi, No Income & No FICO, Hard Money Loans – Up to 80% LTV, Construction Financing Construction to Permanent Multifamily Loans – Up to 90% LTV, and More!

What We Offer: 

  • Over 50 Loan Programs
  • 40+ Wholesale Lenders
  • Competitive Rates
  • Fast Loan Scenario Advice
  • Fast Pre-Quals
  • Fast Pre-Approval Letters
  • Seasoned Loan Processing
  • Free Credit Report Education
  • Free Credit Report Analysis
  • Free Credit Enhancement
  • Home Buying Education
  • Superior Customer Service

Get Pre-Approved Today!  Apply Online for Fast Pre-Approvals

PMC offers free credit enhancement prior to submitting your loan to the bank to ensure you get the best rate possible.  Even 20 points could be .25% better in rate, which equals thousands of dollars on the life of a mortgage loan.  If you have a loan scenario email us at info@pmccanhelp.comPMC Can Help!

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FOR A FAST PRE-APPROVAL: Complete a loan application on our website APPLY ONLINE

Job Opportunities? Now is the time to see how PMC Can Help you earn what you deserve!  Visit our Website and apply online today!

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