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Platinum Mortgage Company Has Various Stated, Low Doc and No Income Home Loan Programs

August 3, 2015

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 *  NO 1040 * NO 4506T *  INCOME FROM P&L ONLY * 2 – 12 MOS BANK STATEMENTS *  


* $100K – $2.5 MIL* 


Prime Portfolio 7/1 ARM 

No 1040, No 4506, Wage-earner ok with VOE only

For self-employed- P&L signed by borrower only for income

2 months bank statement to verify asset only.  $1.5 MIL Cash Out to 50% LTV   


Choice Portfolio Reduced Doc

85% LTV Reduced Doc to $2.5 MIL  No MI

No limit on Cash Out 

12 month Bank Statement –  PERSONAL ACCOUNTS ONLY

<600 fico to 70% LTV


Select Portfolio 5/1 ARM

 Interest Only available 

12 Months seasoning on BK/Foreclosures/Short Sale

3 Months Bank Statement, 620+ FICO, 55%DTI 70% LTV

Cash Out  to $1 MIL

Non-Owner Cash Out to 50% LTV to $2.5 MIL

<620 FICO Lower LTV

Alt Doc Jumbo  5/1 ARM

 3 Months Bank Statement

70% LTV Purch  

Cash Out  to $1 MIL loan amount  

 Investor Express 30 YR Fixed


 Cash Out on Non-Owner, 2-4 units

65% DTI (calculated by PITIA/Rental income)

620+ FICO

Unlimited # of properties owned

3 years seasoning on Foreclosure/BK/Short Sale



Choice Portfolio Full doc

90% LTV to Full Doc to $2.5 MIL

 Cash Out Limit: 5% less max LTV 

Non-Owner to 75% LTV Cash Out 


Platinum Jumbo & Core Jumbo

Platinum – 85% LTV No MI 

Core Jumbo – 89.9% LTV No MI   

      85% LTV No MI  to 2 Mil. Cash out to 75% LTV  80% LTV R/T $1 MIL  660+ FICO 70% LTV to $1.5 MIL on Purchase

MAX $ Cash Out to $1 MIL TO 50% LTV 


Express Jumbo

15 & 30 Fixed & ARM

Non-warrantable Condo Projects 

80% to $1 MIL

Cash Out to $2 MIL to 55% LTV

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