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Self Employed Lite Doc Home Loan Program

March 23, 2016

PMC Lite Doc Loan 2016_01

PMC Lite Doc Loan 2016_02

PMC Lite Doc Loan 2016_03

PMC Lite Doc Loan 2016_04

These are the guidelines for one of our low doc programs.  We have several to offer our clients in CA, WA and OR.

Many self employed borrowers cannot qualify with traditional full documented income financing, due to tax write offs when filing their returns.  Conventional loans require a 45% debt to income ratio, High Balance loans are up to 43%, USDA is up to 43%, FHA is up to 56.99% and VA is up to 60%.  Good news is that lite doc loans are available again.

There are 6 more in pages to this program.  Email for the complete set of guidelines.  There is also a overview available on what  is required for a CPA letter and successful bank statement loan.

PMC offers 2, 12 and 24 month bank statement loans (single account – using average monthly deposit averages-100% from personal and 50% from business) and also has other low doc home loans for 500+ FICO borrowers.

Our goal is to find you the best financing available to save the most money.  As the experts.  Email your scenario to

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