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Tax-Time: 101+ Real Estate Agent Tax Deductions

April 5, 2017

101+ Real Estate Deductions

Sweating?  Yes, it is that time of year…and you have procrastinated again.  Lucky you can get 3 extra days to extend or file your personal return as long as you e-file or postmark it by April 18, 2017.  It makes sense to wait if you owe the government money, since they would earn interest on your money.

We found this great list of legal tax deductions for real estate agents, any small business or independent contractor.  We also suggest getting QuickBooks for Self-Employed.  They have a special for $5 month for their basic program or $12 a month, which includes e-filing:

Separate business and personal expenses in a single click

  • Maximize your deductions with Schedule C categorization
  • Quarterly estimated taxes calculated automatically
  • Automatic mileage tracking helps you identify money saving deductions
  • Pay quarterly estimated taxes online
  • File faster by exporting Schedule C to TurboTax
  • One federal and one state tax return filing included

We hope this was informative.

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