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“You guys ROCK! I’m sooo happy I switched my loan to you. I WILL be referring you to all my friends and family. I’ve gone through a trouble nightmare the last two months trying to get this home closed. Again… Your progress is amazing. Hugs! – Cherie”

“My wife and I wanted to let you know that our home refinance closed on Tuesday, May 24th. Yesterday we received papers from the title company stating we are officially closed. My wife and I wanted to thank each of you for all your hard work, excellent communication and caring all of you showed to us during this process. We appreciated all of your efforts to get us the best deal possible and we are pleased that we we’re able to achieve this refinance. This refinance will save us a ton of money over the life of the loan, free up potential cash flow, and give us the peace of mind that we are on the right track. A BIG stress reliever!  Thank you again for all your hard work we really appreciate it.” Mr. Albright

“Thank you. I am glad and it was a blessing that Demi found you that night when I got the bad news from the other lender. I know you work up to 10pm and I understand your workload so we are grateful for the wonderful job that you did for us. Achieving our Dream to be in OC. Now I saw your faces. Your assistance has been invaluable to us during this process. Again, THANK YOU Soooooo MUCH!!!”  Mr & Mrs. Bathan

“Thank you!!! I cannot express my feelings of gratitude to you guys, I noticed your early mornings and I appreciate you guys moving and working on my behalf!!!” Ms. Duncan

“Just a note to say thank you for helping us save our home and standing by our side through this process! You are truly very amazing and wonderful to work with.
Please let us know if you come across a more long term option that we can qualify for in the near future. Thank you again so much for everything!”  Peter

“Thank you so much for help. You have been wonderful to work with. I know this wouldn’t of happen if not for you. Thank you very much for your consideration and helpful deeds. Thank you.”  Sy

“Oh wow! I can’t believe it!!! We finally did it! Im leaping for joy. Thank you a million times over! I thank God for having you working on my paperwork! And you always answered my million and one questions with the most patience, lol. Bless you. They are lucky to have you on the team. I know I’ve said this a couple times but I really mean it – you’re the best! I will have to tell…Kris thanks to for extending but that woman had me on edge for days!!!! But I learned from you to just be courteous and professional at all times.I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight but…that’s okay! :0)  Sincerely,”

“Hello,  This is to give thanks to all involved with making this happen. First I thank my God for using my agent Jose, you and your staff, and me to make this happen. Nothing is impossible for  him. Jose did some tremendous things as a friend and as a broker. When we first  came to him he helped me clean up my credit so that we could secure the loan. He  did this with no cost to me. Each time something would come up from the borrowers side he would keep me informed as to the “bad” news instantly. On a few occasions I  told him I was seriously ready to throw in the towel but he would remind my wife and I  that he had promised us in the beginning he would get this house for us. After all his  hard work he even gave up his broker’s fee to help pay for a lien at the last. In the end  he got very little but he kept his word. God bless him.  As for your staff, you all are also unbelievably awesome. I would send you e-mails or responses to yours late in the evening and I’d get your e-mail back either before going to bed or else I’d read it in the a.m. at 4:00 when I get up the next day. Your dedication to your work is as great as Jose’s. I pray that you all have time for family and rest for I’d not ever been associated with a group with so much to give in helping a client. There were times when I also thought you all would give up the cause as things were not moving along but you didn’t. God bless you and your staff.  I believe that sometimes obstacles occur as a test of faith. This house was a test of faith for all of us. Jose even admitted that he never had so many issues with the sale of a home before. I admit I was ready to call it quits and even lose what monies I would not get back. With the support of all of you and especially my wife I was able to keep  the faith and see this thru. Sometimes we come in contact with people that are actually angels in disguise. You  all are my angels.”  Jesse




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